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Bitcoin exchange outflows see biggest daily spike since September 2021

Nearly 30,000 BTC are leaving major exchanges in a single day as buyers copy miners, pulling BTC supply off the market. Bitcoin (BTC) investors are...
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Proof-of-work: Bitcoin artists on minting NFTs and OpenSea

American writer Elbert Hubbard said, “Art is not a thing, it is a means.” For Bitcoin (BTC) artists, the method is inspired by Bitcoin,...

US energy company opens crypto mining facility in Middle East to use stranded natural...

Denver-based Crusoe Energy will help the Middle East country reduce associated gas flaring with a pilot planned for late 2022. As the heated debate over...

Yahoo launching Metaverse events for Hong Kong residents under restrictions

Yahoo has announced a series of metaverse and non-fungible token-related activities in Hong Kong, a day after Meta Platforms outlined its plans for the...

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‘Buy Bitcoin, plant a tree, lower your time preference’: A Sequoia story

"I encourage people to plant trees," said Fangorn, "so as not to get bored." When the market falls faster than a tree in the woods,...

Nifty News: NFT and Web3 gaming console to launch in 2024, Chinese firms to...

Polium, a company that markets itself as "building the products and infrastructure for Web3 games," said it is releasing a game console that will...

Will the Fed prevent BTC price from reaching $28K? — 5 things to know...

Bitcoin (BTC) is entering a new week with a question mark over the fate of the market ahead of another major decision on US...

Square Enix partners with Enjin to launch Final Fantasy VII collectibles

Game development giant Square Enix has teamed up with non-fungible token platform Enjin (ENJ) to launch a digital and physical suite that includes Final...

European Central Bank bets on CBDCs over BTC for cross-border payments

A recent study by the European Central Bank (ECB) on determining the ultimate cross-border payment broker crowned with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) as...


How Bitcoin whales make a splash in markets and move prices

Exchanges: Since the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchanges have become one of the largest wallets of whales because they keep large amounts of...

Source: CoinTelegraph