This is almost 10 times more than the optimists who can get tokens when selling.

This is the first three-phase sale of the Casper token, which started on March 23 at midnight UTC. Investors are competing for $ 800 million CSPR tokens for $ 0.015, with tokens reserved for a 12-month reservation. Participants are limited to purchasing tokens from $ 100 to $ 1,000 each.

If each investor contributes $ 1,000 to them, only 12,000 investors will be able to participate. Since 15% of tokens have already been sold and over 100,000 people are on hold, the only way to serve everyone is if each investor offers $ 102 per sale.

Investors hoping to participate in Casper Labs’ CSPR token sale on CoinList are rude as more than 100,000 investors are currently waiting for the sale.

Token Swap Waiting Room for Casper Labs: CoinList
The token sale broke the previous record for CoinList subscriptions, a FLOW token sale to the Dapper Labs community with more than 12,000 participants.

After receiving over 100,000 subscriptions to the Casper offer, CoinList has lowered the purchase limits and increased the number of tokens awarded at each stage of the sale. The setup in the first phase increased from 400 million CSPR (or 4% of the configuration supply volume) to 800 million tokens (or 8%). Purchase limits were reduced from $ 5,000 to $ 1,000.

The second phase of the sale, which begins March 25, will sell tokens for $ 0.02 with a six-month lockout, with the individual offering increasing from $ 300 million to $ 400 million and the maximum purchase volume from $ 1 million to $ 250,000.

In the final phase of the sale, tokens will be distributed, which will be traded freely after a 40-day term. Appropriations increased from $ 300 million to $ 400 million, and purchase limits fell from $ 30,000 to $ 5,000.

In an effort to prevent disruption to the site among the growing demand from investors, as seen during Nair’s presentation on CoinList in August 2020, CoinList implemented a virtual waiting room program for Casper sales.

Starting life as a development team working to scale Ethereum 2.0 proof of ownership, Casper Labs announced that they will build their own blockchain in April 2020. In February 2021, the team announced a partnership with China blockchain service network. to make their smart contract platform available. For developers using BSN.

Despite growing demand for the Casper token, a former employee filed a lawsuit against CapserLabs, accusing the team of distributing misleading marketing materials before the sale.