According to Heisenberg Capital founder and Keizer Host Max Keizer, Bitcoin (BTC) will soon rise to $ 28,000. It is believed that the highest BTC of all time at $ 20,000 is likely not to act as a match.

Kaiser, a $ 100 million unicorn investor in Unicorn Kraken and Betstamp, said:

“The $ 20,000 Bitcoin level will not be a resistance. We will not see a match up to $ 28,000. After that, the short draw will start attacking $ 100,000 with new strength.”

In the last 12 days, the price of Bitcoin has risen from $ 9200 to $ 12,000, the highest price in more than a year. The cryptocurrency market is leveraging on the strong momentum of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Ether.

Keizer repeats the $ 100,000 Bitcoin forecast
Throughout the rise of Bitcoin last month, Keizer has consistently confirmed its position on the BTC trend in the medium term. BTC is expected to eventually surpass $ 28,000, reaching an all-time high of six.

In late July, when Bitcoin hit $ 11,000 for the first time, Keizer likely said that BTC was a six-digit number. Since then, BTC has confirmed $ 10,400 as the key support level, while maintaining its momentum. He said:

“$ 28,000 goes before we see a drop – and then we head to 6 numbers.”

But on August 2, according to the Cointelegraph Report, Bitcoin experienced its first major decline since mid-June. The BTC price suddenly dropped from $ 12,000 to $ 10500 in 15 minutes, causing one billion dollars to be liquidated across the market.

Bitcoin prices fell sharply in the short term

Keizer and other prominent people seem to be dissatisfied with the action and generally see price action as a shake-up. Both contract increases and leverage are eliminated in less than an hour, which calms the market.

Cryptocurrency trader Scott Milker says that there were many price differences before the fall. After this strong rally in the short term, it seems the market needs to stabilize from a sharp rally. He said:

“The $ 1700 BTC hourly candle (mostly in minutes) is too big, including a similar sale at ETH at midnight? Good. There are bear statues everywhere, as I mentioned.”

Others see different directions for BTC, at least in the short term
In the short term, some traders expect major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether, to show lower volatility. After a large price movement, BTC tends to make a range and see side actions for several weeks.

Michael Van de Pop, a trader on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, says alternative currencies could benefit from possible BTC side measures. He said:

“The most likely case is that we will face fluctuations in BTC and $ ETH while setting the range. But over time (1-2 weeks) this will start to decrease. What should you do? Yes, buy a decline in the currency alternative. Everyone is focused on $ BTC, your focus should be on attention. ”

Although short-term prospects for traders vary, many investors appear to be positive on the medium-term trend until 2021. Various macro factors, such as the fall of the US dollar and high liquidity, could boost the current BTC momentum.

PlanB, a well-known content creator for the Bitcoin to Flow (S2F) price model, also confirmed that BTC is on its way to reaching $ 100,000. After the boom increased, he said, BTC was “really on track” to reach six figures.