The digital rights group Fight for the Future, Blockchain Game Alliance, Enjin and 26 blockchain gaming companies have urged video game company Valve to decide not to allow cryptocurrency or non-fungible token (NFT) content on their marketplace. Steam. …

According to an open letter posted by Fight for the Future on Monday, companies and projects are asking Valve to reverse its decision to “ban an entire class of software on the Steam platform” and take advantage of crypto and blockchain technology. On October 14, Steam updated its partner setup process, specifying that blockchain-based applications will not be allowed to “issue or authorize the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs.”

“Blockchain Games has developed a number of new concepts that will revitalize the gaming industry for both players and publishers,” said Sebastian Borget, president of the Blockchain Game Alliance. “Closing this fast-growing sector at such a critical stage of development means ignoring the significant progress we have made this year, while at the same time creating unfair market access for incumbents.”

According to Fight for the Future, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and NFTs can help make blockchain gaming “more decentralized, democratic, interactive, and player-centric.” Added to group:

“Consider changing your attitude to this issue and allowing tokens and, more generally, the use of blockchain technology on Steam. Do not ban blockchain games on Steam.”
Cointelegraph reported earlier this month that the decision to ban content related to NFT and blockchain games may prove to be financially unfavorable for Valve as the technology grows in popularity. The number of unique active wallets connected to decentralized gaming applications reached 754,000 in the third quarter of 2021. Many games offer players the opportunity to earn real tokens and trade through NFT in the game, which opens up a potential path for further adoption of cryptocurrency.

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“With blockchain, you can not lose your breath again and try to centralize it,” Witek Radomski, CTO of Enjin, told Reddit AMA. “Blockchain games need interoperability to thrive.”

he added:

“The potential ecosystem of blockchain gaming will grow much more than it does now at the end of this decade. Everyone is interested in working together to create thoughtful and interoperable standards so that the multiverse does not become too fragmented.”
Valve has previously focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain in their Steam marketplace. In 2018, the company closed a game where users’ computers were allegedly stolen to extract cryptocurrency. Valve originally announced that they would accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC) in 2016, but later abandoned this practice with reference to high fees and volatility.

Source: CoinTelegraph