Successful investors in a bear market turn to advanced machine learning algorithms and news indicators for trading opportunities.
Want to learn a real strategy to potentially make a lot of money buying and selling cryptocurrencies?

You won’t find these secrets anywhere else — but they can make someone’s entire financial situation better in a very short amount of time.

Here’s how it’s said.

We’ve often said that the key to crypto trading success is simple — get in to selected tokens before prices move big.

Of course, the main question is how to get to the assembly before the chosen token flies. Well, what I can share is an elegant solution to this problem that Cointelgraph Markets Pro provides to its members.

One of the components powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that make up Cointelegraph Markets Pro is the NewsQuakes™ indicator!

The importance of NewsQuakes™
NewsQuakes™ is by far the fastest, most comprehensive feed for tracking real-time, market-moving news in the cryptocurrency space.

Billions of data points are crunched in real time to find events that have shifted crypto prices historically. We found that three events drive crypto prices the most:

Exchange List
Staking event
Announcement of partnership
Exchange listing announcements among the three have historically generated highly profitable short-term returns. Observe:

Rocket Pool (RPL) chart with NewsQuakes™
From January 2021 until the end of November 2022, those with access to Cointelegraph Markets Pro will receive exclusive NewsQuakes™ alerts about market-driving news in crypto

Anyone who purchased each NewsQuakes™ listing alert and then sold the post an hour later could return nearly 120x their money — $120,000 for every $1,000 invested and a jaw-dropping $1.2 million for every $10,000 converted into dollars!

Now the easiest way to profit from this strategy is when a new asset is listed on one of the major exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance. Listing announcements drive price action like no other — it’s like pouring gasoline on all the fires!

That often hits tokens that were only listed at initial prices, with the advantage that Markets Pro clients can simply buy, then sell an hour later.

How to take advantage of this price change phenomenon?
I’ll go through each of the five steps below. But first, make sure you learn about Cointelegraph Markets Pro and take the time to set up NewsQuakes™ alerts.

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One can set up alerts to be delivered to desired desktop and/or mobile devices in the following three ways:

From the Markets Pro interface
From the Markets Pro mobile app
From the Markets Pro Discord server
In addition, an account must be set up on any listed cryptocurrency exchange to allow the purchase of newly listed tokens. Popular options for those new to crypto include, but are not limited to: Coinbase, Binance or, Kraken, Gemini and Kucoin.

Once set up with NewsQuakes™ alerts for one or more exchange accounts as shared above, simply follow these five steps to earn large potential profits from NewsQuakes™ listing alerts:

Step 1) Receive a NewsQuakes™ listing announcement alert.

Step 2) Go to the NewsQuakes™ page from the main menu of Markets Pro, which looks like this:

NewsQuakes™ landing page
Step 3) Scroll down to NewsQuakes™ Highlights. Search for the most recent listing announcement by sorting to “most recent” on the right.

List of the latest NewsQuakes™
Step 4) Click the token name in the catalog to view the individual token list page.

Token List page
Step 5) Scroll to the “Most Liquid Pairs” section.

Fluid pair list
There will be a list of all the exchanges where the tokens are available for purchase, so just select the exchange and click the yellow “Trade” link. This will take users to the respective exchange where they can buy space in the token.

That’s what it is!

While past performance is no guarantee of future results, buying and holding for only an hour after the NewsQuakes™ listing announcement is a historically proven strategy to get in front of the rally before select tokens take off.

See how Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivers market-driven data before this information becomes public knowledge.

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Source: CoinTelegraph