A new study shows that nearly two-thirds of the US adult population is interested in learning more about or owning cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) soon.

Gemini, a cryptocurrency trading platform owned by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, has released a new report on the state of cryptocurrencies in the US and provides insight into consumer trends in the US cryptocurrency market. The data was collected from a nationwide survey of 3,000 American adults between the ages of 18 and 65 with a household income of $ 40,000.

The report points to significant expansion and diversification of cryptocurrency investors in the country during 2021. Up to 63% of respondents indicated that they are interested in cryptocurrencies, which means that they do not currently own digital currencies, but either want to know more or plan to get to buy cryptocurrencies soon.

Based on the survey results, Gemini estimates that roughly 14% of the US population – or 21.2 million adults – now own cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency investors are likely to double this year as nearly 13% of respondents indicated plans to buy cryptocurrency in 2021. The report notes: “This gives almost 19.3 million adults, which will double the number of cryptocurrency investors. Almost up to date. ”

The survey also highlighted potential growth in cryptocurrency investors, who Gemini estimates account for only 26% of current cryptocurrency holders. According to the survey, more women than men indicated that they are ready to introduce cryptocurrencies soon, and 53% of respondents have expressed an interest in cryptocurrencies.

“This new survey points to a long-awaited diversification of the cryptocurrency investor base. The large group of participants ensures long-term positive development of the market, ”said Noah Perlman, Chief Operating Officer of Gemini. He added that in order to help remove barriers to entry, the company will continue to offer coding training, prioritizing security and smart regulation.

Other reports published earlier this year suggested promising trends in cryptocurrency adoption in the US, and Mizuho Securities estimated in March that 10% of the $ 400 billion in stimulus money given to US citizens could be used. Buying bitcoins and stocks. According to a survey conducted in February 2021 by global consumer research platform Piplsay, 25% of Americans already own cryptocurrency, with another 27% planning to invest this year.