Binance’s Valentine’s Day survey indicates that interest in cryptocurrencies could be a key factor in attracting partners.

According to Binance’s Valentine’s Day survey, showing interest in cryptocurrencies may be the key to attracting a romantic partner.

The cryptocurrency exchange conducted a global survey in preparation for its annual romantic vacation, in which 2,600 participants reflected on the importance of interest in cryptocurrencies among potential partners. If the data is to be believed, a strong interest in space can be an important factor in relationships with like-minded people.

In an open-ended survey, participants were asked nine questions about attitudes toward cryptocurrencies, dating, and romance between February 6 and 9. 2,600 people aged 18 to 46 participated in them.

A key finding is that 83% of respondents indicated that a partner who likes cryptocurrency is an attractive feature of a relationship.

70% of survey participants said they would prefer to date someone who is also interested in cryptocurrencies.

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60% of respondents noted that an interest in cryptocurrencies made potential partners more attractive, as it indicates that a person is “tech-savvy” and open to innovation and technological advancement.

38% of those surveyed said their partners share the same interest and passion for cryptocurrencies, and 27% said they introduced Web3, crypto and blockchain to their partners.

It also appears that receiving a cryptocurrency as a gift was better than roses or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, with 83% of respondents indicating that they would rather receive a cryptocurrency gift card.

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Source: CoinTelegraph