Most of the Bitcoin (BTC) coins are mined outside of the US using “dirty energy”, Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami.

Suarez discussed the environmental impact of bitcoin mining in an episode of Unconfirmed podcast on March 26th with cryptocurrency journalist Laura Sheen. The mayor said the United States should mine more bitcoins for national security reasons.

Part of the Bitcoin problem is that 90% of this is not done in the United States. 90% of this is done in dirty energy countries. This is why it’s considered a dirty business, Suarez said.

The official said the United States will work to improve this situation by providing clean, renewable energy for bitcoin mining and data centers. “We have nuclear energy, which means we have clean energy. The clean energy supply is basically unlimited,” he said.

Suarez said Miami could organize Bitcoin mining as part of this national / environmental security goal, adding:

“It will be beneficial to the cryptocurrency community if we do more mining in the United States because we produce clean energy, so this narrative will change and this dynamic, and in the future you will see solar energy and other forms of green energy technology. In my opinion, technology will make Bitcoin mining more efficient.” ”
Suarez is known as a major champion of the crypto industry in the US and has supported several crypto initiatives in Miami, including proposals to allow Miami residents to pay taxes and be paid in bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s energy consumption rose dramatically this year as Bitcoin reached new historic highs and renewed its arguments on the environmental issues of cryptocurrencies. In mid-March, Bank of America analysts argued that Bitcoin was an environmentally catastrophic asset, arguing that the carbon footprint of owning BTC was equivalent to owning 60 cars.

Bitcoin energy consumption reached an all-time high on March 28, according to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index Digiconomists, with an estimated annual consumption of 89.9 TWh.