The authorities arrested a 17-year-old man, alleging that minors had committed major violations on Twitter.

“Earlier this morning, the FBI, the IRS, the US Secret Service, and Florida police suspended the work of a 17-year-old man in Tampa, Florida, accusing him of being” the mastermind behind the largest breach of security and privacy in and said that the history of Twitter. ”An article from July 31 from The Verge.

Massive exploitation saw several top Twitter accounts on July 15, including the likes of Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Bill Gates.

“Our office has found 30 criminal charges against Clarke, including systematic fraud, communications fraud, identity theft and piracy,” Andrews Warren, Attorney General in Hillsborough, told a July 31 news conference on the ordeal.

A teenager named Clark
Warren said in a press conference that in Tampa, Florida, the teenager referred to as Clark would face legal action in that jurisdiction.

Warren added:

“The prosecutor’s office deals with this claim instead of the federal prosecutor because the Florida law allows us to have more flexibility in asking minors as adults in cases of financial fraud like this.”

Warren said he could not explain whether Clark had a colleague, on the grounds that the case was being investigated with federal authorities.

“Make no mistake, this is not an ordinary 17-year-old,” Warren said. “This is a very sophisticated attack on an unprecedented scale,” he added. “This could be a very high loss.”

Based on the results of his being, Warren said Clark’s efforts against Twitter violations began on May 3, 2020 and ended on July 16, 2020.

Other fees come
A statement issued by the US Department of Justice on July 31, stating that the FBI, the US Secret Service, the Tax Agency and others, are alleged to have allegations of three people allegedly linked to Twitter.

The three accused – Mason Shephard, 19, in Britain, also known as “Chayon”, and Nama Fadhli, 22, based in Orlando Florida, also known as “Rolex”, and an unnamed “teenager” in power in Tampa, Florida . The unnamed teenager was in line with Warren’s recent press conference details.

David Anderson, an American lawyer, said: “The announcement of filling today shows that the concern of penetrating evil in a safe environment for fun or profit will be short-lived.” Northern California in a Justice Department statement.