Investor Evan Malpicka put a stake in the property at 5828 Wise Avenue in St. Louis on the NFT Mintable Market last night for about 42.43 ETH, which at the time of writing was valued at nearly $ 76,000.

The listing promises “50% NFT fractional ownership of this completely renovated home,” indicating that the home was valued at $ 138,000 last year and currently generates $ 1,200 in monthly rental income. The list ends with:

“Let’s make history with the very first NFT Real Estate!”

Half of this home on 5828 Wise Avenue in St. Louis is sold as NFT.
Malpika spoke to Cointelegraph and said that the use of NFT allows the purchase of property with cryptocurrency, but that this will be legally supported by establishing a limited company between a 50/50 buyer.

“NFT does not claim that you legally own the drug, but it will happen as soon as you sign the registered operating agreement,” said Malpika, who works for Verizon as an Enterprize risk management officer.

“Selling on behalf of NFT and a half will simplify the LLC transaction. Some banks / real estate companies may not accept full crypto payment. At the moment, you can not just buy rental housing in 100% digital currency. partnership allows it ”.

The work is already owned, and we will create a new LLC with a new buyer and issue a so-called “direct claim” with an operating agreement.
Since the legal and property rights that NFT provides are such a gray area – not to mention that Malpica came up with this idea only yesterday – the Cointelegraph strongly recommends anyone interested to exercise caution and consult a lawyer before investing in real estate through – mushroom tokens.

Mallika identified itself as a long-term real estate investor with 50/50 partnerships on 30 previous leases. He said he became interested in NFT after hearing the discussion about Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia.

“The investor in me had to dive first. I will never stay again. ”
At the time of writing, the auction has received less than 100 impressions and no bids. Malpica stated that if this sale is successful, it will expand the concept.

“I think if it works, I can do fractal stocks / NFTs to allow more shareholders to have real returns that lead to rent,” he said.

MyEtherWallet founder Kosala Hemachandra recently told Cointelegraph that NFTs will gradually evolve to cover property ownership.

“I think this current version of non-exchangeable tokens will continue to evolve in larger and wider use cases. Things like property and proof of ownership of tangible property; where NFTs can help with lawsuits. Then everything will be very fun. “.
Commercial businesses currently offer color-coded properties such as RealT.