After a series of congestion delays on the Ethereum blockchain, Aavegotchi non-exchangeable tokens arrived on the open market, where they lived for just a minute, according to the Cointelegraph team.

The Aavegotchi project aims to create real digital holdings that are supported by integration with Aave and its aTokens, as well as the percentage of funds lent to the decentralized financial protocol. While Aavegotchis was designed to include certain games and collectibles, inspired by the Tamagotchi handheld devices that were popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it is also an experiment in linking digital collectibles with real value. NFT A tokens cannot be withdrawn without destroying Aavgotchi herself, as they represent her “spiritual power”.

AToken security is the minimum or intrinsic value for a group object. What’s more, each Aavegotchi has different personality traits, wearables and overall rarity, which adds to the collection’s value.

The first 10,000 gates were sold or “spotted” on Tuesday. The gate can be used to “summon” Aavegothis, evoking 10 different critics, only one of which will be resurrected, depending on the owner’s choice. The gate was sold for at least 100 GHST, which is a project code that can be used to manage or purchase Aavegotchis accessories. At the time of the sale, the token was worth about $ 1.70, which means that the project raised between $ 1.7 million and $ 2 million, depending on how many people purchased more than one portal and paid an additional “tax”.

The community remained somewhat frustrated with the sale as many potential buyers were unable to access it. The likely reason is that they have imposed a very low gasoline tax with faster and better funded competitors that can rip out most of the NFT.

Kuder Dan, the anonymous CEO of Aavegotchi, told Cointelegraph that this is the expected result:

We knew that entering 10,000 gates would not be enough to meet demand. However, we wanted to be true to our number of 10,000, which was originally stated in the official document. Fortunately, the differences between the Ghosts are small, and we have always believed that Aavegotchis should be enlarged by the AavegotchiDAO vote. ”
“There is currently no evidence that whales are performing better than usual,” added Jesse Johnson, co-founder of Aavegotchi. “It was just an elevator, which some entered and some did not, including the founders!”

The community could vote for more seats that will create more Aavegotchis. In the meantime, existing portals can be bought on the NFT marketplace and exchanged for digital acquisitions.