The Bitcoin (BTC) call, which ran for 100,000 a year, hit the road after the property reached a high of 69,000, but traders are not fully aware of this. Many analysts today see current prices as the best storage area.

Over the past week, markets around the world have moved slightly forward, with markets seeing more gains than the open market committee meeting on December 15, but confirm that by 2022 the Federal Reserve will rise three percent and fall slowly. Last week’s market volatility.

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView show that BTC continued to trade at $ 47,000, and increased from $ 49,000 to $ 0.55%, according to President Powell.

BTC / USDT 4 hour chart. Source: TradingView
After analyzing the Federal Reserve’s 2022 policy, market analysts can see what is expected from the BTC price.

It has a strong base of about $ 46,500
A more recent analysis of the price is suggested by John Vic, a Twitter user with the nickname Trader, who posted the chart below showing the rough and confusing changes of the last two weeks.

BTC / USD 4 hours. Source: Twitter
According to Vic, the post-BTC price movement created a “strong support” with a yellow horizontal line at $ 46,588, which is structurally called “Stage 1”.

Vick said,

“That’s when we realized. The pressure of the next installation is on me. It could happen in July after we support Round 1. The next step is fire.”
Consistency for the course is the same
Independent market analyst, Rect Capital, tweets that the market has shown similar declines in previous bullish markets, not always worrying about the current market volatility compared to the post-high historical prices. Spread.

Merchant and nicknamed Twitter user Crypto Ed_NL also sees a breakthrough in the future, and the figure below shows how price action can be played in the coming weeks.

CryptoAd_NL said,

“Expect for the next few hours: another 1-foot green box before the FOMC, a jump after the FOMC, the bull run continues.”
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September BTC price movement
The latest approach comes from crypto investor and nicknamed Twitter user Crypto Bull God, who posted the chart below to compare how he did in September compared to current BTC prices.


“It simply came to our notice then.
While no one knows how things will turn out in the 2021 run-up, the sign of BTC’s strongest shutdown of the year was cited in a tweet by Cointelegraph contributor Michel van de Pope.

The total cryptocurrency market is currently 2.152 trillion, with Bitcoin dominating 41.6 percent.

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Source: CoinTelegraph