The new ecosystem, designed to bridge the central and decentralized world of the digital economy, will be home to an entirely new DeFi platform that will allow consumers to become their own bank.

Fusion says its vision is to provide the core infrastructure for transferring value – integrating cryptocurrencies that exist today as well as those that will emerge in the future.

The blockchain is currently used by Chainge Finance, a project that aims to provide 100% control over its day-to-day activities and enable consumers to provide and receive financial services from one another.

According to Chainge Finance, the simple app will allow users to connect with friends and family … just like they do on social media. From here, they will be able to conduct financial transactions “without face-to-face meetings or with a centralized institution”.

Chainge is also committed to changing the way companies deal with money – integrating finance, human resources, supply chains, services, and procurement into one system. The team behind the project believes it can provide “faster transaction speeds, faster settlement, and the ability for HR professionals to validate employment history”.

The magic button
At the heart of the Chainge app is a magic button that allows users to “perform nearly every imaginable transaction with one click”, whether that means scanning QR codes to call contacts, requesting payment, completing transactions in brick companies, launching or entering smart locked – contracts.

The change team stated, “The magic button will be short, it is the easiest and fastest way to interact with the financial world. After a short time, you will not remember how great traditional banks were before. Because all you have to do is press the magic button and you will find a world of possibilities at your disposal. 24/7. Just like magic. ”

With interest rates offered by bank accounts still weak, Chainge Finance says it is committed to offering the difference by offering Bitcoin and USDT bonuses to depositors.

While Chainge Finance is the application tier, Fusion provides a base layer framework that goes forward and provides functionality not available to other digital finance platforms. Fusion strives for the Internet of Value Model, which aims to help companies and merchants reduce costs.

More information from the merger is here

What’s Next
In a recent blog post, Medium Chainge Finance revealed that since January, more than 560,000 users have signed up on a waiting list, most of them in China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and the United States.

A newly revamped website is now being built, along with a series of helpful videos aimed at combating the Chainge app’s features and functionality.

Looking ahead, users will be able to access the Chainge app based on where they are on the waiting list, and the company plans to expand globally and open new growth opportunities as it expands its market presence.

Fusion and Chainge Finance have one founder, DJ Qian, who is also the co-founder of Anyswap, Vechain, and QTUM.

The European Central Bank also highlighted Fusion Infrastructure in a recent report describing how it is an open source solution to link blockchain using fully decentralized rights management.