Atari announced the creation of a new blockchain division within the company’s organizational structure.

In a press release released Tuesday, Gaming Desk announced the creation of two new divisions – Atari Gaming and Atari Blockchain.

The former will focus on continuing to develop a catalog of popular old Atari games as well as relaunched VCS consoles.

As part of the announcement, Atari also announced that current CEO Frederick Chesen would lead the blockchain division at Atari, with Wade J. Rosen taking over the new CEO role. Before the announcement, Rosen was president of Atari.

As for Atari Blockchain, the post revealed that the new section will focus on harnessing new opportunities at the crossroads between gaming technology and the blockchain. The gaming industry, with an estimated 2.7 billion players worldwide, is often considered vulnerable to blockchain disruption.

According to the announcement, Atari Blockchain will integrate Atari Token (ATRI) into the company’s gaming ecosystem. This planned integration is said to cover Atari-powered blockchain games as well as the economics of digital token in VCS.

Atari’s blockchain will also be responsible for directing the company’s non-exchangeable token business.

Atari launched its ATRI token back in November 2020, raising around $ 1.5 million in private sales. Even before the token was launched, Atari was involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain. In 2018, the holding company Atari SA announced plans to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The gaming giant responsible for pioneering home gaming consoles in the 1970s also partnered with several startups working on blockchain games and NFT metavers.

As Cointelegraph previously mentioned, Atari partnered with the Enjin blockchain platform for gaming in December 2020 to integrate the first iconic IP and licenses into the latter platform.

In March, Atari also teamed up with Decentral Games to create a virtual casino.