Billionaire investor Carl Icahn warned on Tuesday that the next market crisis may be on the horizon and that Bitcoin (BTC) may be the best hedge against inflation.

As the US government continues to stimulate the economy, Icahn said he feared further weakening of the US dollar and rising commodity prices.

In the long run, we are bound to bump into a wall. I really think we are in for a crisis in how we do it, how we print money, how we deal with inflation. Icahn told CNBC on Monday: “If you look around you will see inflation around you and I don’t know how to deal with it in the long run.”

His comments matched that of central bank governor Jerome Powell, who said inflation had increased along with supply problems.

“As the economy continues to open up and use bounces, we see pressure on prices, especially from supply bottlenecks in some sectors,” Powell said in prepared comments. “These effects were stronger and longer lasting than expected, but they will reverse and, as they do, inflation is expected to fall back to our long-term target of 2%.”

Icahn has mentioned investing billions in cryptocurrencies this year, but has yet to add a niche to that market – at least not what he said publicly. Ryan Adams, founder of crypto investment firm Mythos Capital and Bankless, suggested that Icahn might have a position.

The billionaire still believes this could be an alternative to investing in the stock market, and it might be worth exploring cryptocurrencies:

“We have a lot of smart guys at Icahn & Company and we don’t understand Bitcoin. I am not saying that this is good or bad, I am simply saying that we do not understand. We are not going to invest in what we do. not get [“] Jury It really matters whether bitcoin has intrinsic value or acts as a store of value. If inflation spreads, I think it does. There are so many variables and it’s very difficult to invest in them.”

Source: CoinTelegraph