Developer Samuel Dobson announced in a series of tweets on Thursday night that he would step down as chief administrator of bitcoin in three years because “he can’t spend the time he needs until the end of my doctoral dissertation.”

As the manager of Bitcoin Core Wallet, Dobson has direct access to the cryptocurrency code on GitHub, which allows you to change and modify Bitcoin software. He was responsible for ensuring the security of the protocol.

Asked if he could one day return to BTC Core Development, Dobson told Quintelegraph that he was a doctor of philosophy. This is their main focus now. And although they have not decided what to do after graduation, they are not interested in the development of other cryptocurrencies.

Dobson said he was especially grateful for the support of his “reliable generous sponsor,” John Pfeiffer, without whom he would not have preferred to work with bitcoins part-time.

He asked the Twitter community to help developers financially through the nature of open source projects. He told Cointelegraph:

“The development of Bitcoin Core has grown significantly since the concept was created. As an open source project, it’s always been more fun and challenging, but things like Brink, ChainCode, Spiral, and direct developer sponsorship through GitHub have helped a lot.
Bitcoin has lost two operators since October. According to an updated list on the Bitcoin forum, the number of developers who have direct access to the bitcoin code has dropped to five since the release of Dobson.

Source: CoinTelegraph