The US Securities and Exchange Commission has postponed its decision to approve the NYDIG Bitcoin Spot Trading Fund (BTC) (ETF), delayed until March 16.

In an announcement released on Tuesday, the Securities and Exchange Commission found it “appropriate to specify a longer period for an order to approve or reject” the ETF. After this news, the price of BTC did not budge, remaining in the severely injured zone below $ 47,000.

During the promising events, there was a wonderful guy from the SEC who outspokenly supported the immediate support of the ETF. While crypto enthusiasts are used to BTC ETF bounce and delays, SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce also wonders why it is taking so long.

In an interview with industry media, the commissioner said, “I can’t believe we’re still talking about it like we’re, you know, waiting for something to happen. […] We have issued a series of rebuttals until recently, and they continue to use reasoning that I think is forgivable. ” It was at that time. ”

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NYDIG first proposed the ETF on February 16 last year, and the deadline for receiving likes is January 15. If approved, it will be the first instant Bitcoin ETF in the United States.

US investors can profit from BTC through the latest ETF offering from Valkyries or through the popular ProShares BTC futures fund. However, investors are still looking for a way to get a direct exposure to the asset.

Overseas, Fidelity Canada launched a BTC ETF and mutual fund in December, while Brazilian and Latin American investors can take advantage of BTC spot ETFs. The question is, when will the ETF land on the shores of the US?

With over 20 bitcoin ETFs pending approval or disapproval in the US, 2022 is clearly going to be the year, according to

Source: CoinTelegraph