Venture capitalist Tim Draper continues his upbeat talk about Bitcoin with some investment tips for newcomers to the crypto space.

Speaking Thursday at the Collision Web Summit, Draper said bitcoin (BTC) could force governments around the world to compete for the interests of their citizens – and obviously for money -. According to the venture capitalist, cryptocurrency balances out leeway, so lawmakers have to choose whether they want to improve people’s lives or they’ll just move somewhere.

“People already know they prefer bitcoins over fiat currencies,” Draper said. “Bitcoin [the global economy] is economically beneficial because it is a global currency – it doesn’t care where the borders are. He is not associated with any nationality. ”

Collision screenshot
He said that interested parties to the clash can participate in the cryptocurrency economy by purchasing a digital wallet and encouraging women to “put their feet in the water” with this move. A recent Gemini report indicates that more women than men are interested in cryptocurrencies in the US, and a World Economic Forum report indicates that women are underrepresented in blockchain-related industries.

“It turns out that only one in 14 bitcoin wallets is owned by a woman,” Draper said, noting that women control 85% of retail spending in the United States.

Draper, the big Bitcoin bull, said he owns “most” of his BTC portfolio after leaving public stock in favor of the cryptocurrency two years ago. Last year, he predicted that the price of a cryptocurrency asset would reach $ 250,000 by 2023, and said he would eat a raw egg if he didn’t. At press time, BTC was trading at $ 51,773 after falling 6% in the last 24 hours.