Bitcoin (BTC) is set to hit new all-time highs in a key region – and major mining pools have already been crowned with success.

Data from the monitoring resource MiningPoolStats show that until December 20, the hashrate of the bitcoin network was practically the highest ever.

Hashrate defeats the ghost of China
Despite the drop in hashrate by $ 69,000, the computing power of known pools is now at an all-time high.

Hashrate refers to the processing power expended in mining, which cannot be accurately measured, but statistics agree that Bitcoin is more attractive and therefore safer for miners. – More than ever.

The pool hash rate known this week is 182.4 Exhash (EH / s) per second, with a total hash rate of 188.9 EH / s.

According to MiningPoolStats, Chinese miners hit 209.3 pps in early May, just before the crash, the second highest ever. On the other hand, the famous pools have never been so crowded.

Likewise, the hashrate is not only recovering completely from the Chinese oppression, but stronger now than at any time in Bitcoin’s history.

BTC will offer ice cream this winter
As reported by Cointelegraph, there seems to be little interest in selling BTC at current prices as miners and storage devices try to avoid secondary market supplies.

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Figures from Glassnode, a web analytics firm, confirmed this trend on December 23, showing that BTC supply has moved from liquid to liquid, now at 100,000 BTC per month.

Glasnode reveals that thanks to the hype caused by China, the harvesting phase has begun. The rest of the indicators have a positive effect on price activity as a result of fluctuations in liquid supply.

Source: CoinTelegraph