June 15, the price of bitcoins (BTC) fell below $ 9,000 as the new week created new sales pressure on all assets.

Bitcoin price tests $ 9000 flexibility
Data from the Cointelegraph and CoinMarketCap markets showed that BTC / USD entered the $ 8,000 range on Monday – the first time since May 28.

The last bearish move came after a hard week for Bitcoin, as markets recovered nearly $ 10,000 and sold $ 800 on Thursday for several hours.

Spending the weekend at around $ 9,400 provided support again as the weekly stock market outlook looked bleak.

At the time of publication, BTC / USD was trading around $ 9,000 in an effort to restore the level of support.

Stocks swung to expected “crash”
On Sunday, the Dow Jones index futures fell by 900 points, and US markets are also uncertain about the opening.

According to Cointelegraph, Bitcoin has become more resistant to the effect caused by high or low stocks, a process known as “segregation”.

However, it suggests that bitcoins are now at their lowest level in the last two weeks. Last week, it was a warning that traditional markets were about to correct the collapse style over the next three weeks.

Meanwhile, Cointelegraph analysts have suggested that $ 10,000 will continue to leave the market in the short term – possibly over a longer period.