The crypto selection is not lost, but the most important trend lines worth $ 22,000, but the most important tender lines have disappeared, but an analyst.


The finishes are fallen
23 $ 702

Holidays, traders and analysts have left carefully.

The analyst denies the emotions of the crypt
CBERLEEREMAST MARKETS PRO and TRANSINGView Data BTC / USD has risen from 12 February.

After the discharge three weeks ago, the Bitkin Opplification Whale was identified, chain analysis indicators were identified.

Loading the BTC / USD-US command book, downloading the material indicators’ book, a high level of large prices for large-scale players.

“Firekharz shows the state of the state, and Krispo weekends are interested in trying to exploit the top of Bitcoin order for high sales. I am fine in person,” said criticism.

Meanwhile, the pension of the week saw moderate reactions of market participants, some of them opposed the short -term mass incentive requirements.

At KT Bear Market, BTC discussed after 3 waves or not with 3 waves, and the Filbfilb, and during the day.

Popular Tony Crypto Trade has been similar to the current price action.

“According to my updates, I am located under the main resistance zone, which is below $ 22,400, until the main resistance zone is $ 22.6 thousand. In general, I can be more than $ 20,300 LSA of US, look to look at the high level of things, “he.

“The structure of the market has not fallen yet.”

IPC Import Macro Information Week
Another week ago, others later focused on macroeconomic data in addition to catalysting.

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The US Consumer Price Index (CPI) is formed this month, forming several titular events this month.

Eight commercial firms, Poppe’s CEO Mixamakh, the founder and general manager of the retail sale, was the eighth place, the CEO Mixamakh of Poppe and the general manager.

“My thoughts are that we see inflation. Gas prices are like stones,” he added.

Material indicators joined the idea of “waiting for a volatility to continue the CPI report on Tuesday.”

Source: CoinTelegraph