On February 24th, Bitcoin (BTC) fought back $ 50,000, amid fresh upbeat comments from major investors.

The price of BTC is based on the $ 40,000 range.
Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView posted a 14% gain from Tuesday’s 24-hour drop, and Bitcoin posted local highs of $ 51,278 on Bitstamp.

As of this writing, $ 50,000 was the focus of prices and bulls still have a responsibility to set new support levels.

After a 20% drop from record highs this week, Bitcoin’s near rebound has followed confidence assessments from various investment sources.

They included Ark Investment Management founder, chief executive and chief information officer Katie Wood, who said the recovery was a “healthy” sign given months of near-vertical growth.

When she spoke to Bloomberg, she said she was “very positive about Bitcoin, and very happy to see the health correction here.”

The amendment was, in fact, “relatively modest” even when compared to the drop from $ 42,000 to $ 30,000 in January, the Bespoke Investment Group noted in its blog of market conditions. In other Twitter comparisons, commentators highlighted the many and varied flaws seen during the 2017 Taurus, most of which exceeded 30%.

Third: the cards are “very confident” in the Tesla Square purchases
Meanwhile, Wood did not share the pessimistic view of Bitcoin critics that major companies are exchanging cash on Bitcoin balance sheets.

“It has to mature a little bit before it can be widely adopted, but we’re very confident companies like Square and Tesla decide to distribute,” she told CNBC.

Square significantly expanded its bitcoin holdings this week, buying 3318 BTC for $ 170 million, adding to the current $ 50 million. The analyst added that Tesla should also consider double its involvement.

Wood also reiterated that if all US companies set aside 10% of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency would be worth an additional $ 200,000.

Earlier this month, Cointelegraph reported ARC data that Wood had cited as a report on the potential impact on Bitcoin / USD by large corporations.