The bitcoin RSI is back to square one as the mood among traders is uncertain after BTC fell 5% overnight.


Knock down

Wall Street traded around $22,400 at the March 3 opening as analysts were divided about problems with the recovery.

Inverted “Bart Simpson” hopes in BTC
Data from Cointelligraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD trading flat, down $1,000 in the minutes following the previous flash crash.

Concerns over the fate of Silver Gate Bank exacerbated the current market’s cold feet, triggering a margin call cascade to $22,000, Cointelligraph reported.

At the time of writing, there was only a slight pullback, while opinions differ on how the short-term price mechanism will play out.

“Here I took some profit at $23,200 on my short and converted my stop loss to profit so it’s risk free,” Risk-Free Crypto Tony told his Twitter followers.

“Consider those who were fast for a long time when we didn’t even pretend to be resistant.”

Fellow trading account Dan CryptoTrader suggested that Bitcoin could see a mirror-like recovery to produce an inverted version of the classic “Burt Simpson” chart structure.

Meanwhile, Pintocchi, the prominent trader and analyst, took a step back, saying he had “no idea” what could happen for the markets.

“I want to see a clear break at $23.8K, which we can’t get. Then, waiting for the area at $22.3K, which is now full and full,’ said Cointelegraph contributor Michael van de Pop, founder and CEO of trading company Et , adding in his latest update on Bitcoin.

Failure to maintain $21,300 $20,000 “forfeitable”
Further analysis provided some more promising perspectives in the longer term.

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The overnight decline completely resets Bitcoin’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the daily schedule, with its score now matching its position in early 2023.

Popular commentator Mustache, who uploaded a fractal chart comparing current behavior at the end of the 2018 bear market, similarly indicated that better times were coming.

However, it is “still possible” for BTC/USD to fall to $21,300, he warned.

Meanwhile, $21,300 created a void level for demand, according to blockchain analyst Michael Crypto.

“BTC has hit TL support and there is a small reaction. I still expect to see a confirmation that will take a long time,” reads part of the four-hour chart analysis.

“Remember, $21300 is the zero level and the price breaks it down, 20k is inevitable.”

Source: CoinTelegraph