Can Retail Investors Return to Bitcoin (BTC)? Glassnode data shows that from November to early December this year, 913,000 new bitcoin addresses were added, which is an indication of a sharper approach to 2022.

In the BTC procurement program, Chinese online analysts shared their insights on the potential launch of online adoption trends for retail and large-scale adoption. An important result for the year is that 1 million new members joined the Bitcoin network in November.

Despite the short-term tolerance price process, Twitter floods show that BTC’s macroeconomic outlook remains cautious. According to the schedule, from June 2020 to December 2021, the number of storage addresses with a balance of more than zero changed from 30 million storage locations with a fixed distance to 40 million.

Glassnode Defines a non-zero balance matrix for the number of unique addresses that contain a positive (non-zero) number of coins. As the number grows, new users enter the Bitcoin network.

As the orange line on the chart from May to July this year shows, when this trend slows, consumers will see their wallets empty to zero. By the way, the decrease in the storage address indicates a process of reducing costs.

Subject: Bitcoin’s advantage drops to 40%

In the light of the new record in November, two questions arise: Was this an outsider who has been enthusiastic about the record lately? Was this the beginning of a widespread trend?

With Thanksgiving in November and December, celebrating the festival, and fearing Omicron, it’s good to think that there will be more opportunities for potential investors to explore Bitcoin and perhaps invest.

In December, financial statements confirmed this claim, as the volatility of the balance sheet at a price of 1 BTC or less, usually offered by small investors, reached its highest level since March 2020.

However, there is a caveat to the future of retail. William Clemente, often referred to as Cointelegraph and BTC analyst, tweeted a number of charts with the message “Interest in bitcoin in retail is high since the spring.”

More retail proof is required. However, when it was widely reported in October that companies were buying bitcoin instead of gold, Google Trends for Bitcoin accounted for a quarter of the highest peak search data in December 2017. Clearly, there are a few other retail mania.

Source: CoinTelegraph