Bitcoin (BTC) prices range from $ 46,000 to $ 52,000 in 26 days. Despite the end of the $ 6.1 billion variant at the end of the year, the fast and bear devices ranged from $ 44,000 to $ 49,000.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the price structure of $ 47.175 at 31:00 UTC on December 31 showed slight changes in the price structure. Even the $ 48,500 3% rally did not go away after the incident, indicating that the Bears did not want to dominate.

Bitcoin / USD price on Coinbase source: TradingView
The 9 925 BTC bells can be interpreted as a positive trigger for the Coinbase count within 24 hours, given the low exchange rate for newcomers. Also, the first week of the year has been positive for the last four years, with an average of 18.5% for Bitcoin owners.

To further support Bell’s argument, the US-listed company MicroStrategy Technology added 1914 BTC to its balance sheet in December. On the downside, regulating markets are under pressure as South Korean exchange users need a third-party certificate. Finance Working Group (FATF) Warehouse address to comply with travel rules.

Bitcoin was a wonderful 2021
Despite a short-term decline of 16% in December, Bitcoin continued to outperform both U.S. shares and gold for the third year in a row. However, this performance was not enough to disrupt the call option for every 48,000 or more calls as the price dropped to December 31.

Bitcoin options are open until December 31. Source:
At first glance, the $ 4.0 billion call-to-action option was better than the $ 2.1-billion buy-and-sell tool, but the call-to-sales ratio is misleading as prices have fallen by 16% since the end of November. $ 57,000. this is Get rid of clutter you don’t need. Therefore, the right to buy Bitcoin (call option) is not $ 50,000 if it trades below that price.

Bells and Beers have teamed up to complete Bitcoin options on December 31, with $ 660 million, much less than expected. However, the Bears were unable to manage because 85% of their terms were $ 47,000 or lower. Such information partly explains why the Bell sought to be restored at the end of December 31st.

Can the first week of 2022 finally bring back the mildly negative feeling that followed the December 3 accident? Unfortunately, there is no indication that the trend in the Bitcoin parameters market is changing.

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Source: CoinTelegraph