The Grayscale Institutional Fund Manager has partnered with the popular New York-based magazine TIME to release a series of educational videos on cryptocurrencies.

The partnership was announced in April by Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenstein, with Sonnenshine revealing that TIME and President Keith Grossman would receive payment in bitcoin.

In addition, TIME does not intend to convert the bitcoins received under the agreement into legal currencies and will keep the cryptocurrencies on its balance sheet. No further details were disclosed about the partnership.

TIME was first published on March 3, 1923 in a magazine and online publication active in the late crypto space. In March, TIME capitalized on the NFT craze by launching a bunch of iconic magazine indexes in the NFT SuperRare Market, with TIME Space Exploration – January 19, 1959, NFT 135 ETH winning close to $ 250,000 on March 30.

The company also revealed that it was looking for a CFO to focus on cryptocurrency the same month after posting a position on Linkedin.

The media industry is developing rapidly. TIME is looking for a financial manager who can help manage the transition, “the list says.

TIME will become the 33rd company listed with Bitcoin on its balance sheet, according to TIME joined the ranks of the top US companies Microstrategy, which has invested billions in BTC since August 2020, Square, which added 4,709 BTC to safes in October, and Tesla, which bought BTC for $ 1.5 billion in January. Multinational investment company Blackrock also began researching cryptocurrencies in February, earning more than $ 360,000 from a short period of bitcoin futures.

This agreement marks an important partnership between cryptocurrencies and the mainstream giants. Founded in 2013, Grayscale manages $ 46 billion in cryptocurrency assets, including nearly 3% of total Bitcoin trading.