As a global resource, Bitcoin can use many caps, including the currency function. A Nigerian on Twitter recently explained how Bitcoin helped him overcome a number of monetary challenges.

“When I grew up in Nigeria, I looked at #Bitcoin from a different perspective than you would, for example, if you grew up in the United States,” Bitnob CEO Bernard Barash said in a tweet Thursday. His tweet was part of a series that described various financial difficulties and used Bitcoin as a solution.

“You can’t spend more than $ 100 on international sites with your card. This is a problem,” Barach explained.

“You are lucky enough to travel abroad, you have found a job and want to send money to your mother back home, but for this you have to pay ridiculous fees. In the event of a crisis, this money may not arrive on time. Another example.

Money in the world can be empty, especially when it comes to crossing borders. Sending bank lines requires a transaction to take place during the banking period, while other forms of money transfer take time to make a decision on the backend and may require personal information in the process. On the other hand, Bitcoin operates under a pseudonym, regardless of business limits or hours.

Inflation can also be a problem in some countries, so keeping your own currency could be an issue, which Barrah also mentioned in one of his tweets. The pair also indicated that financial institutions would take control if they had money. “Blocking bank accounts because you participated in a protest or donated” as a problem for young people, he said. “If they have the money, they own you.”

Referring to improvements in the internet world, as well as the existence of an online currency, he added, “It allows us to be a global citizen from day one, trade with the world, and enjoy the prosperity of the Internet. … He also noted:“ By watching the Internet’s magic money We see a shot in freedom, a shot at prosperity, and we’re not planning to give it up. ”The couple touched on a number of other points in their thread of tweets.