Bitmain, a maker of a cryptocurrency mining device, announced the suspension of the Ether (ETH) miner on Friday. The Antminer E9 model is an application-specific integrated circuit chip that will run on the Ethash algorithm from the Ethereum blockchain.

An official launch date for the E9 has not yet been announced, but the car’s appearance may not be as impressive as originally thought. The rig faces competition in the form of an Nvidia CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor) package designed specifically for cryptocurrency operations. In the meantime, Ethereum’s planned transition from proof of work to a consensus proof of action mechanism may mean that the benefits of E9 will be short-lived.

Nvidia recently announced that the CMP group is expected to generate $ 150 million in revenue in the first quarter – three times what the company originally expected.

Despite the apparent rise in cryptocurrency-driven graphics cards, Nvidia’s CFO Colette Chris said in a telephone conversation with investors this week that the company expects GPU shortages to continue until the end of the year despite oversupply.

“We expect demand to continue to exceed supply much of this year […] We will see a sustained oversupply throughout this quarter and throughout the year,” said Chris, as reported by The Verge.

Nvidia has been struggling to meet the demand for GPUs from its main gaming customer base for some time now, as future miners turned up cards to extract Ether and other cryptocurrencies. Nvidia’s oversupply phenomenon first emerged in late 2017, when a rookie trip that year attracted more people to expand cryptocurrencies. After some rowing in the next few years, GPU shortage reappeared in 2020 and showed no signs of abating.

On Thursday, Nvidia announced the launch of a new version of the RTX 3060 for cryptocurrency protection. Earlier this year, the company released the RTX 3060 graphics card with a built-in limiter, making it less than half of it when expanding cryptocurrencies as part of the program. efforts to share the demand for games and mining.

Within a few days, rumors surfaced that hackers had bypassed the mine limiter, and just a few days later, Nvidia shot itself in the foot by releasing an official driver update that accidentally removed the limiter itself.

The new version of the RTX 3060 is said to retain the same name and brand, but will be replaced by a completely wrong software driver, reports TechRadar.

While Bitmain’s E9 release may seem a bit delayed given Ethereum’s possible move to prove its share in the next year or so, the limited time left for mining ETH may also increase demand as miners try to accumulate as much as possible. … From ETH to change.

We asked Nvidia if it expects the E9 release to help alleviate GPU shortages by changing demand, or if the company sees this setup as a competitor to the CMP series. This article will be updated if Nvidia responds.