Ben Delo, one of the founders and co-owners of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange, surrendered to US authorities in New York.

According to Bloomberg, the case was brought to trial before US Judge Sarah L. Keef during her trial on March 15. He pleaded not guilty to all charges and was released on bail of $ 20 million.

The terms of the bond state that he is permitted to return home in the UK and await trial.

The handover of the case was part of an agreement with US authorities in February. Terms were negotiated with the FBI and US Border Patrol to allow Delo to enter the US, despite British authorities banning the accused from traveling. Rachel Miller, a spokeswoman for Delo, said:

The accusations against Benn are baseless and represent an unjustified overreaction by the US authorities. Benn intends to defend himself from the charges and have his name removed in court. ”
The case and other BitMEX executives, Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed, and Greg Dwyer were accused of using an unregistered trading platform and violating US anti-money laundering laws by providing unlicensed services to US citizens.

The case is the second BitMEX leader to face the authorities since the arrest of former chief technology officer Samuel Reed in October 2020. Reed was released from custody the same month after submitting a $ 5 million bond and agreeing to pursue proceedings.

Former CEO Arthur Hayes is currently in Singapore but is working with the authorities to surrender in Hawaii on April 6.

According to the February 16 phone call transcript, US prosecutor Jessica Greenwood indicated that Bermuda co-owner and Greg Dwyer had refused to surrender. However, extradition proceedings began to return Dwyer to face charges in the United States.