OKCoin and HDR Global (the company that owns BitMEX) have joined forces to offer a total grant of $ 150,000 to the Bitcoin Core (BTC) developer Amity Uttarvar. This is the first time two competing markets have met to fund the development of open source bitcoins.

Two exchanges financed OKCoin separately, granting Fabian Jahr and BTCPay Server ($ 100,000) in February and May 2020 respectively. HDR recently supplies MIT DCI, which follows Michael Ford Bitcoin Core (150,000), Bitcoin developer and researcher Gleb Naumenko ($ 100,000).

Sudden cooperation
This popular view understands that the entire blockchain industry relies on open source development, and that both agencies independently identified the Uttarvar business as necessary for the development of the Bitcoin network.

Communications Director OKCoin Cointelegraph told Uttarvar that they merged the two exchanges after calling her:

We came, as we presented, regardless of the idea of ​​sponsoring Amity as part of our mission to support the development of open source bitcoins. Amity said that we want to support him, and we decided to give to each other. So it turned out to be natural. ”

The critical evolution of bitcoins
Ofer, who previously worked at Coinbase and Xapo before focusing fully on Bitcoin, made it clear that her work was confirmed by her passion for what Bitcoin can offer the future of human society:

“Bitcoin introduces a new trust paradigm with an open set of open rules available to everyone. Outsiders can agree on what happened without trusting each other. This ability can profoundly change how we interact as human beings and how we organize our communities. Since I took advantage of the opportunities, I was a drug addict. , ”

His recent work revolves around the P2P bitcoin level, especially considering how the host detects sensitive information. Managing Director of OKCoin Hongfang explained that they chose Uttarwar based on her recent work:

“Amitis’s work focuses on the core components of Bitcoin Core, which makes the code base more secure for anyone who sends transactions and relies on Satoshi’s vision for a secure P2P electronic and electronic money system.”

Invest in the future
Fang also made it clear that he considers third-party support a favorable priority for the long-term success of bitcoins:

“This is a small but important step to stimulate open source development and attract more developers to our industry.”

Utarfar hinted that he would continue to be interested in the Bitcoin P2P team with 12 months of monthly contributions, and this is a long way to go:

“Only 30-40 people contribute to Bitcoin Core. Compare this to the fact that we as an industry are trying to create a fully functional global currency. We have a long way to go. With this grant, I plan to continue to work to make Bitcoin’s currency more reliable, private and understandable. “