Former BitMEX chief Arthur Hayes surrendered to US authorities in Hawaii on Tuesday, six months after federal prosecutors indicted him and three other BitMEX executives.

In a statement, Hayes’ attorneys described the Singaporean as “an unauthorized businessman who was wrongly accused of crimes he did not commit,” adding:

“Mr. Hayes has volunteered to represent his interests in court and hopes to fight these unfounded allegations.”
Hayes was released on $ 10 million bail pending future lawsuits in New York.

Haye’s lawyers offered to extradite him to Hawaii last month. Discussions revolved around the possibility of releasing Hayes on $ 10 million bail, retaining passports for travel between Singapore and the United States, and refusing to extradition agreed between the two parties.

Hayes’ spokesman began negotiations with the US government after being indicted in October 2020.

The government accuses Hayes, BitMEX co-owners Ben Delo and Greg Dwyer and former BitMEX CTO Samuel Reid of violating the Bank Secrecy Act by not maintaining adequate anti-money laundering measures and preventing U.S. citizens from accessing the stock exchange despite the company. Not registered with the CFTC.

Reed was arrested in October while the Case voluntarily surrendered to New York City authorities last month, with his acquittal paid and released on bail. Dwyer is still at large, but his lawyers say they have informed the US government of Dwyer’s whereabouts and intend to bring charges against him.