The chairman of multi-billion dollar investment management company BlackRock United “probably” agrees that Bitcoin (BTC) has no value.

In an October 13 interview with CNBC, Larry Fink posted a preliminary agreement with JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon on the true value of bitcoin.

Fink: “I Can’t Tell” If Bitcoin Will Go To $ 80,000 Or Zero
Fink has been known for his references to Bitcoin over the years, which confirms that he is not a fan of the largest cryptocurrency, but still supports more people who invest in the field.

“I don’t study Bitcoin and where it is going, so I cannot tell you if it will go down to $ 80,000 or zero,” he told the network.

“But I think this is a huge role for digital currency, and I think it will help consumers all over the world – be it bitcoin or whatever, more or less official government digital currency or digital dollars that will play a role.”
Fink spoke after Daimon reiterated his skepticism towards Bitcoin, pointing out his lack of faith in the limited supply.

Officials reacted immediately to his comments, noting that only a lack of understanding could lead to doubt about what was written – which was later enshrined in more than 12 years of unchanged consensus – in the code.

“I talk to people on the street more about cryptocurrency than anything else,” Fink continued.

“It’s nice to see how people are so carried away by this that they are interested in it, whether it will happen in the long run. Let’s see. As I said, I see a lot of potential in cryptocurrency / blockchain, and this is where I think it will go – and it will lead to some big winners and some big losers. ”
Bitcoin has grown nearly 600% since the subsidy was halved in 2020 and surpassed total assets through 2021.

BTC / USD versus gold. vs. S&P 500. Source: Ecoinometrics / Twitter.
Bitcoin is waiting to surprise critics
Bitcoin fell from five-month highs on Wednesday, which analysts say should be the final correction before testing the full $ 64,500 high.

On the subject: Interest in finding bitcoins is approaching an annual decline as the price of BTC dropped below $ 55,000.

In the future, the forecast remains very optimistic: calls are not limited to only six numbers, but in the coming months may reach $ 300,000.

As Cointelegraph reports, the data shows that 2021 is increasingly repeating the climb properties of 2017, with only the upper detonation phase remaining complete.

Source: CoinTelegraph