The Nineteenth Day, the day that coincides with the end of slavery in the United States, is celebrated every June 19 from 1867. This is especially important today, amid a wave of protests against racism following the assassination of George Floyd, Bruna Taylor and countless other innocents. people of color.

The blockchain community is praising today
Many in the blockchain community praised the importance of today’s history.

Rebel CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke on behalf of the company and announced the date of the official business holiday:

“The recognition and celebration of #Junteen Day today. It is surprising that many of us did not learn about this historic day that came into being. Today, Ripple is holding a corporate celebration to recognize systematic racism and take action to eliminate it. expired. ”

Isaiah Jackson, author of Bitcoin and Black America and co-host of the YouTube Gentlemen of Crypto, showed an interview with Forbes magazine, where he spoke to promote his book Bitcoin and Black America.

Jackson said during an interview with Cointelegraph that establishing economic power can help the black community in ways that cannot be protested on the streets.

The Bitcoin Depot cryptocurrency ATM network also celebrated its 155th anniversary for June. On Twitter, the company called June “a historic day for memory and freedom.”

Call to donate
ConsenSys spoke positively about the story. They invited people to donate cryptocurrency to organizations fighting racism, such as CCR and the Black Girls Code:

“At ConsenSys we see # June around the world. It is a day of reflection, enlightenment and support for black people everywhere. “