In an interview with Cointelegraph, Adam Trademan, co-founder and CEO of BRD, formerly Breadwallet, shared the story of his digital journey.

Founded in 2015, BRD soon gained fame as a popular wallet in the United States and emerging economies like Venezuela.

Tradiman, who was initially questioning Bitcoin’s prospects for mass adoption, was arrested after listening to a conversation between Andreessen Horowitz executives regarding BTC.

I told him he was crazy
Initially, I was a designer for computer chips, and around 2013 I was the CEO of a company that manufactured portable slimming devices before the advent of the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear, says Trademan.

“At that time, one of my former employees sat with me in a bar, looked into my eyes and said,” Adam, you have to create a Bitcoin company with me. ” ”

He looked into my eyes and said that this is the most important thing in your life.

I looked at him and said, “Aaron, wow! I admire your passion, but as far as I know Bitcoin is used in vulnerable measures, no matter how interested Bitcoin is, these technologies never go ahead, and I tell him it’s crazy and I haven’t talked to all of them in general. ”

“By God, I really am, because now he is a richer man than me,” said Trademan.

Hear a random conversation
Trademan went to work for a mobile company in Silicon Valley, where he has been a businessman for almost 20 years.

While moving the mobile manufacturing business to Andreessen Horowitz, Trademan remembers how it was when he heard a discussion about bitcoins (BTC):

“Literally on my way to the conference room, I heard them talk about bitcoin coins – then Andersen funded Coinbase. And I thought, oh pistol son, these are some of the smartest guys in the valley, if they think something is there, maybe my friend is still not crazy.”

After contacting his former employee to learn more about bitcoins, Trademan said he faced the “Epiphany moment”:

He said: No, you don’t understand, it’s much more than the Internet. This is why men like Anderson come. These are not just connections – it’s the social structure of a community. By changing these things, this is not only an opportunity to destroy the world’s largest industry – banking and finance – but also to do a good job of bridging the wealth gap, non-bankruptcy, to do what is not possible within the old economic system.

Trademan said that his friend again asked him to build a company around Breadwallet’s open source project.

“Today the company is called BRD,” he said. “We have four million customers in hundreds of countries and six to seven billion dollars that our customers protect in our app.”

It was a great trip. The dealer ended, “I would like to be smart enough to get involved early.”