Cointelegraph has diverse backgrounds; projects, Women from all countries and generations, careers, They spoke about their journeys in diversification and crypto.

Since its inception, women have projects, In addition to developing communities and brands, women are a part of tackling the many trenches this new industry demands.

But they were less involved in starting Web3 companies. According to the Web3 Career Market report by Crypto Exchange KuCoin; 27% of female professionals in the field are involved in starting a crypto startup, compared to 41% of men surveyed. For many people, The report shows that “bro culture” on Web3 poses career challenges and barriers to getting more women into the space.

Diversity is a barrier in other industries such as technology and finance, which are two separate sectors in crypto. Therefore, No wonder women are still underrepresented among Web3 developers and crypto traders. Companies in the space are working to promote diversity, but are also looking for innovative collaboration and broader adoption.

Cointelegraph’s team focuses on women in the crypto community and their careers. They talked about their journey into crypto and the diversity in the industry. They come from different backgrounds; projects, Women from all countries and generations. They all work toward a similar goal: to encourage others, regardless of gender, to join this fast-changing industry.

Meet Seema Khinda Johnson, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Nuggets.

Seema had a 17-year career leading product development strategies for startups and Big Tech companies before a security incident led her to the crypto space, where her husband’s credit card and personal data were stolen. The experience opened her eyes to privacy issues, and the two founded Nuggets in 2016, a decentralized personal wallet.

To build the project, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin decided to email developers for suggestions. “Everybody thought it was funny that he would never respond, but sure enough, 20 minutes later I got a response with a suggestion on who to talk to. It’s a lesson that you can do anything if you put yourself through it. Go for it,” he recalls.

Although Seema feels lucky to have some talented male allies in the Web3 space; She believes funding and support for women entrepreneurs is needed to increase crypto adoption:

“If people are serious about integrating 1 billion users into crypto, we need to attract and retain diverse teams who create powerful products with utility that benefit all of us.”
Meet Sandra Leow, research analyst at Nansen.

Sandra was introduced to crypto by her older sister and quickly broke down the “crypto rabbit hole” investing in altcoins and NFTs. Before joining Nansen, Sandra was an intern at Amber Group, committed to using on-chain data to bring more transparency to the blockchain space.

Sandra still observes Web2 stigmas embedded in Web3, but sees a shift away from older gender biases:

“I’m really happy that the power dynamics are slowly changing. At least in my experience doing research, I haven’t seen any inequality, and I think research in general is gender neutral.”
Devon Martens in Sweet; Meet the Lead Blockchain Engineer

Devon used to work for an education company that started supporting their Solidity courses. She went from helping teach programming at the University of Minnesota to writing smart contracts for some of the biggest names in the industry before joining Sweet in the NFT market.

She believes that good role models can inspire more women to pursue Web3 as a career option. Devon sees the fledgling business as an opportunity for women looking to change the world.

“Especially for women leaders who want to change the world, in this relatively decentralized blockchain environment, people are literally teaching, so the barrier of some credentials is another.

Source: CoinTelegraph