American cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklewos, has announced that it will offer custody services for a future Bitcoin fund from Brazil’s largest investment bank BTG Pactual.

The April 5 announcement indicates that Gemini subsidiaries, Gemini Custody and Gemini Fund Solutions, will offer customized services to the fund. The message also points to a philosophical settlement between the two companies.

The BTG Pactuals Bitcoin 20 multi-market investment fund, approved last month, was the first fund launched by a Brazilian investment bank to offer Bitcoin (BTC) processing when it launched on Monday.

The fund invests 20% of its management in bitcoins, and Gemini is responsible for keeping the coins safe. The fund also allocates 55% of assets under management in government bonds, 20% in bank certificates of deposit and 5% in redemption.

All BTG Pactual clients have access to the fund with a minimum investment of just 1 BRL (approximately USD 0.18) and an annual management fee of 0.5%.

According to a rough translation, Will Landers of BTG Pactual Asset Management highlighted the bank’s desire to “democratize bitcoin investing” with a “lean” product for investors.

BTG Pactual recently glorified the benefits of digital assets, and the bank’s managing partner Marcelo Flora said the bank began making educational video series on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies last month.

“In three episodes, we will tell the story of bitcoin, institutional adoption, how to invest, how the blockchain works and where the technology adoption curve is now,” Flora wrote on LinkedIn.

BTG Pactual has always looked forward to innovation in the crypto sector when the company launched real estate-backed security tokens in 2019.