“I encourage people to plant trees,” said Fangorn, “so as not to get bored.”
When the market falls faster than a tree in the woods, the phrases “zoom out” and “decrease time preference” come to mind.

“Zoom Out” means that Twitter has implemented newsfeeds and topics. Take Bitcoin (BTC)’s valuation over the past five years versus its impact over the past six months, 12 months, or 18 months.

HODLing Bitcoin has significantly outperformed HODLing stocks over the past five years.
But what does “lower time preference,” a key phrase among Bitcoiners, actually mean? The reduction in temporal bias commonly attributed to Saifedin Ammos, the polarizing author who wrote The Bitcoin Standard, expresses a presumptive thinking and prioritization of the future over the present.

The fiat standard is a system in which money devalues ​​due to compensation and rapid growth, rewards and win-for-profit earnings decline, while medicine, like the bitcoin standard, promotes delayed gratification. The theory is that in the bitcoin standard, the value of money stored in bitcoins increases over time, imitation can be repeated later.

This lesson is hard to learn, especially during the crypto winter, but it’s an important step in learning about Bitcoin. For some reason, thinks Fangorn, an avid bitcoiner turned tree gardener. Fangorn, a software engineer and history student with a background in biology, stumbled across Bitcoin on Hacker News in the summer of 2017, when 1 BTC was worth around $3,000.

Something clicked in 2017 and 2018, but it wasn’t until after the COVID-19 market crash of 2020 that Fangorn really “fell down the rabbit hole”. He read and was fascinated by the work of the more well-known bitcoin author Gigi, who wrote 21 lessons as well as an article entitled “Bitcoin is Time”. At that moment the light went out:

“Holy shit. This [Bitcoin] is much more than just digital gold. This is a profoundly advanced technique for civilization.”
His appetite for understanding money trust grew, and he hasn’t “looked back” since. He shared, “The only thing to focus on is bitcoin and the rest is a bunch of nonsense.”

Sequoias are the tallest trees in the world. Is there a better way to visualize likes in less time? Source: Twitter
Actually a nature-loving family with a penchant for planting trees, Fangorn regularly gives his father redwoods for Father’s Day. How gigantic his ideas began to sprout. He bridged the viewpoints between low-time preferences, redwoods, and the bitcoin network:

“I can look at these trees when I’m 100 years old and think, ‘Damn, they’re going to live another 3,000 years.’ And my grandchildren’s grandchildren will think, “Thank you, great-great-grandfather, for planting that tree you collected years ago!”
Like many bitcoiners, Fangorn believes that the bitcoin network will support civilization as hard money for years to come. Additionally, Bitcoin and Redwoods are very similar in that they “require a lot of work, set a deadline, and uplift the human spirit.”

“This allows you to focus on developing the future, plan for the long term, and reconnect with the extraordinary aspect of humanity that is choosing in a timely manner and planning for the future.”
Although bitcoin is a tool known for its “number growth,” it also allows for a long-term perspective.

He says that “planting trees is a super easy and super cheap way to explain” which is a time preference. A tree is a representation of taste with little time – it arises – it is a network. Additionally, tree planting goes against ecological FUD – fear, uncertainty and distrust – with Bitcoin often being suspect.

Fangorn grows bitcoiners and non-monetizers to plant trees to visualize preferences as needed. He sent the seeds to André Loch, the man behind Madeira Island’s Bitcoin strategy. He distributed seeds at the 2022 Miami Bitcoin Conference and at meetings in Wisconsin, where he resides.

He joked when Hal Finney (the first person to receive a bitcoin transaction) woke up after being genetically frozen after 3,000 years: “I want 21 million mature trees 30 feet in diameter – trees that have been planted. in the early epochs.

Bitcoin will enter his life sometime in 2024

Source: CoinTelegraph