Efforts for Cardano and Polkadot have been stepped up, with the two networks still dominating the total capitalization system.

According to StakingRewards, Cardano is currently the best blockchain with ADA worth around $ 26.4 billion to secure the network. With a total capital of the Cardano brand of $ 36.6 billion, 73% of traded ADAs are backed.

StakingRewards estimates that Cardano holders earn a 7.22% annual bonus.

The second largest crypto asset by value is Polkadot with a $ 22.7 billion DOT blocked, accounting for 64% of the traded supply. The average annual reward for DOT efforts is estimated at over 13%.

Cardano and Polkadot currently account for 7.9% of the $ 620.6 billion in cryptocurrencies currently set aside for operations in the cryptocurrency sector together.

While Polkadot and Cardano have long dominated the equity segment by book value, the ratings of other flagship assets have noticeably deteriorated in recent times.

Solana has now surpassed Eth2 and ranked third in capitalization with $ 9.4 billion in net worth. The SOL effort and review requires the asset to be time-locked and out of circulation, which may explain the inconsistency and explain why the capitalization invested exceeds market value by roughly $ 8 billion. SOL shares bring in 11% per annum.

Ten major assets after constant capitalization: StakingRewards
The incoming king, Tesus, slipped to 11th place with $ 3.5 billion in equity, 5.5% per annum. In mid-December 2020, Tezos was ranked fourth according to a Cointelegraph report at the time.

According to Coingecko, in terms of total capitalization, XTZ dropped from the top ten to 35th place.

Eth2 is currently the fourth largest invested asset worth $ 8.2 billion. According to the launch platform ETH 2.0, 3.9 million ETH is tied in the Beacon Chain deposit contract. However, only 3.4% of circulating ether is frozen, indicating that there is still plenty of room for the Eth2 voltage ceiling to rise.

While ETH stakeholders are currently earning over 7% per year, the upcoming Ethereum chain merger is expected to significantly increase rewards as stakeholders start collecting fees from the Ethereum virtual machine or EVM.

Eth2 researcher Justin Drake predicts that the reward for effort will be at least doubled in the form of chain fuses, and estimates that the reward could rise up to 25% per year.

The rest of the top ten cap networks are Avalanche, Algorand, USDC, Terra, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron.