The new NFT group is driven by Egyptian mythology – and has bold ambitions to be at the center of a timeless world.

The immortal cat Anubis – one of the most famous deities of ancient Egypt – was inspired by the god of mummification and the afterlife, and the god of lost souls.

A total of 2,266 NFTs form part of this group, and they have been carefully separated into five distinct types: Wisdom, Art, Genesis, Magic, and Smith.

The type of species determines the rewards that collectors may receive by keeping.

During its creation, artists extracted traits from the “300 greatest historical figures in human history.”

Immortal Cats are not only designed for a unique aesthetic, they are set up to form an entirely new civilization.

The new ecosystem will combine breeding games with a marketplace for secondary sales, postcards, and a presence in the metaverse.

ETH message cards also enable users to issue non-fungible tokens with a custom message that can then be sent to any wallet address – creating a new form of communication.

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global team
A social hub will be created in the metaverse, and the founders of Immortal Cat say their roadmap is constantly evolving in line with changes in the market.

The project focused its offering on giving value to stakeholders in the long run – and delivering so much more than NFTs, games and airdrops.

The Immortal Cat team is based primarily in California, with some partners in China and Singapore. The project hopes that its NFT suite will also have global appeal, and an official page has now been added on OpenSea, the world’s largest marketplace.

The project was founded by Raymond, an NFT enthusiast who describes himself as a “big investor in blockchain” and the mastermind of several DeFi and GameFi projects.

Meanwhile, the artist for Immortal Cats is Yazzie – who is said to have created the intellectual property for many of the big names.

Looking to the future, the project plans to set up a studio arm and start other NFT groups as well.

With a detailed plan in place and plenty to look forward to, the Immortal Cat team is confident in cats.

Source: CoinTelegraph