Celsius Network’s lending platform is three times its current market value, according to new research from Alpha Sigma Capital, and highlights the project’s enormous growth potential over the next five years.

Using financial data for 2020 from Celsius, Alpha Sigma Capital has determined that the crypto company has a hidden value of $ 3.13 billion, almost three times the current market value of $ 1.1 billion.

Alpha Sigma Capital said in its analysis that with the company’s revenue of $ 126.14 million last year, this “percentile estimate” appears to be an understatement, and based on year-to-day growth, it appears to be significantly upward. trend future.

Alpha Sigma Capital explained:

“Our forecasts for 2021 are conservative and assume that growth in AUM’s assets will slow, and by the end of the year, growth in AUM’s assets will amount to a further 3 billion dollars. From now on, we expect that the company will be able to increase its assets under management by 25% from year to year until 2025. ”
By the end of 2025, the share of assets under management is expected to reach almost $ 30 billion dollars. One of the potential drivers for Celsius’ long-term growth is the addition of fungi, which will dramatically improve the platform’s usability. CEO Alex Mashinsky also hinted at the possibility of integrating self-insurance options that allow users to secure their deposits.

2020 was a watershed year for degrees Celsius. Since January 2020, the lending platform has registered an increase of almost 300% in the number of users. By February 2021, Celsius had paid out $ 250 million in crypto bonuses to depositors, up from $ 80 million in November 2020.

Although decentralized economy, or DeFi, has been the focus of cryptocurrency since the summer of 2020, the original CELI currency, CEL, has been one of the most efficient markets around. Unlike DeFi, Celsius offers users a central platform for depositing their cryptocurrencies to receive interest payments. … Celsius currently offers over 40 interest-bearing assets with returns of up to 18.5%.