Bart Baker, arguably the most famous American social media influencer in China, launches a series of non-mushroom codes, or NFTs, in collaboration with DeFine Art.

Baker, which has around 24 million followers on various Chinese social media platforms, will auction eight unique NFTs as part of the collaboration. One of the NFTs, called The Bart Baker Experience, will allow the auction winner to shoot a video of Baker that is shared on social media and pushed into the NFT. The remaining seven auctions will be Baker’s most popular NFT videos.

Commenting on his collaboration with DeFine Art and the emergence of NFT, Baker said:

“NFTs are widely adopted in Western markets, but they have not yet been significantly adopted in Asia. Due to this decline in NFT in collaboration with DeFine Art, I not only want to change this, but I do it in an innovative way by launching the first video in the form of NFT. ”
DeFine commented:

“A partnership with renowned Asian influencer Bart Baker could be the first sign of a growing NFT in Asia originating in the West.”
Baker became famous on YouTube by making parodies of famous pop songs. Despite having over 10 million subscribers, Baker left YouTube three years ago after the platform allegedly removed him from Google Preferred, affecting his revenue and views. Since then, he has created content for Chinese social networks such as Kwai and Douyin.

DeFine Art counts as Asia’s first decentralized NFT platform with a focus on digital art, music, video, games and collectibles. The platform was officially launched earlier this month with the participation of several well-known creators, including Baker and Korean animator Mary Kim.

DeFine is building the NFT ecosystem in Asia at a time of growing interest in digital art and acquisitions. The platform is intended to emulate Opensea, NFT’s leading marketplace, which recently received $ 23 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz and other prominent investors.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, the size of the NFT market has quadrupled in 2020 and looks set to grow exponentially this year as well. This is evidenced by the latest auction, Every Day: The First 5000 Days, whose digital collection raised $ 69.3 million at Christie’s earlier this month.