China’s National Development and Reform Commission is trying to get public opinion on including crypto mining in the list of “phased out” industries.

A call for public comment was received from the country’s macroeconomic planning agency in a statement Thursday.

Back on September 24, the cryptocurrency mining agency added to its list of obsolete industries after extensive government outages against crypto miners in Beijing.

The move gave the commission the final position after apparently discussing the issue on several occasions over the past two years.

As part of the call for public comment, the agency’s notice requested feedback from “relevant departments” as well as “people from all walks of life.”

The public comment period will run for one month, from Thursday 21 October to 21 November. Members of the public interested in providing feedback on this matter will have four different ways of expressing their views, including email, physical mail, and the comments sections of the Commission’s website.

In this regard, the commission also posted a message on its website that the United States has replaced China as the world’s dominant Bitcoin (BTC) miner.

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In fact, as Cointelegraph previously reported, the United States now accounts for more than a third of the global bitcoin mining hash distribution, with Kazakhstan and Russia in second and third place, respectively.

Even before the arrival of Beijing, North American crypto miners expanded their capacity with massive hardware orders from major manufacturers such as Bitmain and MicroBT.

At the height of China’s dominance, Chinese miners controlled three-quarters of the world’s Bitcoin hash rate.

Deported by the ban, Chinese miners are said to have moved their machines abroad, including to Kazakhstan, to states like Texas and Florida that want to attract some of these companies.

Source: CoinTelegraph