While some major cryptocurrency-related publications in China appear to be closing down, a number of local news outlets that have switched to social media such as Twitter continue.

According to the head of one of the largest crypto publishers in China, the recent cryptocurrency ban in China will not significantly affect internal sources of crypto media, as there are a number of ways to disseminate industry information.

An executive, who requested anonymity, told Cointelegraph on Wednesday that several local crypto sites have moved their community to other media channels such as Twitter and Telegram after the government introduced a new cryptocurrency ban in September.

“They are trying to share more information and keep it secret on their web pages,” the person said, adding, “We can get all the information we need from Twitter.”

“A lot of Chinese have come to Twitter and Telegram, and some of them are also of high quality,” another crypto media source, who also wished to remain anonymous, told Cointelegraph.

They note that the People’s Bank of China has declared all “virtual currency business” illegal, leading some cloud providers to ditch sites like BlockBeats and Odaily. But that didn’t stop them from spreading industry news as they continued to work in new areas and turned their attention to Twitter and Telegram posts.

According to a media insider, these sites are blocked because they are located in Beijing. “The media outside of Beijing are not blocked,” the person said. Some crypto outlets such as Jense, Panews, and 8btc do not seem to have been hit by the recent cryptocurrency ban.

The head of the Chinese crypto media stressed that the crypto world is destined to be decentralized and stated:

“There is always hope in the Chinese cryptocurrency industry. We still have sources of information, and we have more and more users, evangelists, developers, and more. Don’t worry. Everything is going for the best. ”
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A Chinese crypto site, ChainNews’ largest industry source, went down in November.

According to Cointelegraph sources, ChainNews decided to shut down services at the end of the same month. The last post on our Telegram channel is November 25. According to a similar site, over 1.5 million people visited the site in the last month.

Source: CoinTelegraph