Despite major internet outages amid protests against the authorities in Kazakhstan, some Bitcoin (BTC) miners working in the country have no plans to leave the country yet.

The Chinese industrial news agency 8BTCnews reported on Friday that BIT Mining, one of the largest BTC miners that moved operations from China to Kazakhstan last year, is still considering the impact of political unrest in Kazakhstan.

“It is unlikely that our miners will be evacuated to North America,” said a spokesman for BIT Mining, adding that the company will monitor the situation closely.

The representative also noted that Kazakhstan is not the main activity of BIT mining, as there are several “medium and advanced mining machines” scattered in North America. “It is unlikely that the vehicles will be withdrawn from Kazakhstan to North America, and further actions will be revealed,” the letter said.

According to some reports, Kazakh miners have been able to keep their facilities running despite the internet outage.

“Some Kazakh miners told us that on January 7, the Internet was temporarily restored. In addition, the 4G network of Chinese phones is also intermittent. Chinese journalist Colin Wu said on Friday that the industry expects the country to return to normal next Monday.

Sources also said that some miners were not affected as they are mostly in remote areas, while the protests were concentrated in the city of Almaty. “No miners have been heard of being robbed, but they can not mine because the network is down,” Wu said.

According to the latest data from the stability data provider NetBlocks, on Friday morning, the Internet in Kazakhstan had been cut off for 36 hours, and the connection speed was 5%.

On the subject: Kazakhstan, the largest bitcoin mining country, has cut off the internet during protests

But despite ongoing power outages across the country, riots in Kazakhstan appear to have had little or no impact on the global bitcoin hash rate, according to some sources. Data from, the main observer of the Bitcoin blockchain, shows that the total Bitcoin hash rate has not decreased since early 2022.

Bitcoin total hash rate, 30 day chart. Source:
BIT Mining and other major Kazakh mining operators such as China’s Canaan did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.

Source: CoinTelegraph