The retail capacity of China’s most important bitcoin mining complex, located in the north of China, appears to have been reduced due to power outages in the region for security checks.

The news was reported by Wu Blockchain, author of the Chinese newsletter Wublock, which noted a significant decline in the hash rate of many large collections: Antpool fell 24.5%, Binance Pool fell 20%, fell 18.9% and Poolin falls. .. by 18.9%. 33%.

According to an article published in the Chinese media outlet Wu Talk, Xinjiang is currently undergoing a “comprehensive security audit of power outages.”

The inspections follow the recent flooding of a coal mine in Xinjiang, which temporarily captured 21 miners at three different locations. During the technical equipment, the mine was flooded with flooding, as a result of which communication and underground power supply were interrupted. About 1,500 rescuers were sent to the mine to help in emergencies.

Xinjiang is the main source of global bitcoin hash rate according to the Cambridge Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, or BECI, and is estimated to account for about 36% of China’s total retail capacity. Since China accounts for two-thirds of the world’s mining capacity, BECI estimates that Xianjian accounts for 23.3% of the world’s hash rate.

According to Ycharts, the outbreaks appear to have driven Bitcoin’s public network by approx. 2.2% in the last 24 hours, down from 169.4MTPS, or TH / s, to 165.8 TH / s. Of this letter.