The British auction house Christie’s has announced the auction of its first “purely digital work of art”. Christie’s on Tuesday announced the launch of intangible artwork in collaboration with the largest marketplace NFT MakersPlace. The play, entitled “Everyday: The First 5,000 Days”, was created by Mike Winckelmann, better known as “Pebble”.

According to the official NFT auction site, the starting price for the position that interested parties can bid from February 25 to March 11 is only $ 100.

She added: “This huge digital collection was exclusively released to Christy in February 2021, the first time Pebble’s work was sold at a major auction.” “It is also the first all-digital artwork (NFT) to be offered at a traditional auction, and it is guaranteed to be original by blockchain technology,” Christie’s added.

Noah Davis, a post-war expert and contemporary from New York, emphasized that Christie’s transition to the NFT industry is crucial to digital art:

Christie’s has never presented a new media business of this size and importance before. […] The acquisition of Beeple’s business is a unique opportunity to access the blockchain itself, created by one of the world’s leading digital artists.
As previously reported, Christie’s NFT partner, MakersPlace, is a global NFT marketplace similar to SuperRare, KnownOrigin and Nifty from the Winklevoss brothers.

This new auction is not the company’s first attack on blockchain-based art. In October 2020, a similar auction at Christie’s sold a piece of bitcoin (BTC) and NFT-themed artwork based on blockchain technology for $ 131,250.