Let’s get rid of one thing: You won’t agree with every pick from Cointelegraph’s Top 100 Blockchain Highlights list.

In fact, you’re almost certain to strongly disagree with many of the people on our list this year.

You might get mad because he includes [insert comic villain here] but not Charles Hoskinson, for example. Especially if you are already Charles Hoskinson.

You will notice that Arthur Hayes cannot be found. (Let’s see.) You’ll be used to your own words, because you’ve already posted a tweet saying John McAfee is in love.

Despite your pleasant absence of Charlie Lee and [really, this guy? The existence of] is angry, but there is no doubt that we are risking the top 100 companies, these are the most comprehensive choices, the best documented … and the most controversial.

Our selection criteria this year recognize that Cointelegraph Top 100 is not a coder role. No one guarantees a position based on their reputation. Rather, they are those whose choices over the past year have had a significant impact on the industry, or who we believe will have a particular impact in 2021.

If such a thing could exist in an industry with a history of less than a decade, the lack of respect for the “foundation” of cryptocurrency is reflected in the fact that there are 75 new entrants on the list. this year.

What’s even more surprising is that, in fact, none of the top ten from last year made it to the top of this year’s list, and five of them completely came out of our top 100. .

Our list is compiled based on the opinions of the entire Cointelegraph editorial team. It is neither an endorsement of the people on the list nor a celebration of every achievement. We absolutely hate Black Hat Pirates, but you can’t deny their influence on our industry.

While it is to a certain extent focused on the West, given that some of our regional distributions have created their own lists, it is a wise choice. We must also stress that despite the fierce internal debate, we do not have quotas on diversity and inclusion; the list is performance based, although we are surprised and disappointed at how quickly underrepresented groups are entering the industry.

Nonetheless, we are encouraged that women are now 24% of the top 50 women – a significant increase from 10% in 2020.

Our list includes ten people in each of ten categories:

When preparing our list of founders, we need to choose those who have already started to deliver results. These people prove that they have the patience and persistence to be successful, as well as a strong desire for innovation.

The numbers on our investor list generally act as a bridge between the blockchain and the mainstream financial world, and the more investors join the ranks of cryptocurrencies, the closer the industry will come to widespread adoption.

Our list of the best DeFi characters tries to highlight this diverse roster of characters. In their – usually surprisingly – different ways they’ve each contributed to the space in 2020, and many of them will continue to shape DeFi’s future.

We’re talking about rock stars, influencers, sports figures, OG tech wizards, traditional finance converters, and innovators in various fields – even the captain of a spaceship – all want to express a point of view. Common view, that is, distributed technology is what we advance human beings.

Media, data and research
From crypto influencers and podcast providers to cable presenters, some of the personalities we highlight in media, data, and research categories are well known in the media. Others run data analysis companies or compilers, which help us separate signal from noise. There are personalities who often work in the background and run influential companies and research funds.

The people we receive in the market category represent the most talented and intelligent analysts in the industry. Some people have the incredible ability to post a short chart on Twitter to predict general market trends, while others carefully study Bitcoin’s on-chain activity to develop detailed indicators for institutions and long-term investors. .

Those shortlisted in our Exchange category this year responded to the challenges of