To celebrate the arrival of summer, Cointelegraph has released a new collection of crypto-inspired summer clothing to keep you cool.
As the market heats up due to the recent price drop, traders need to find a way to stay calm and take a break from looking at their portfolios. Cointelegraph has released a summer clothing collection designed to help wearers express their identity as crypto advocates, especially when it’s time to take a dip in the pool or at the beach.

Inspired by Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum, the Cointelegraph Store has created new merchandise to celebrate the start of summer in the northern hemisphere. The Summer of Crypto collection includes swimwear, towels, flip flops and fanny packs with Bitcoin and Ethereum logos.

Summer of crypto swimwear
Take your passion for crypto to the pool or beach with Cointelegraph’s new line of swimwear, including the Crypto Summer one-piece swimsuits, available in store now. They are lined with smooth fabric, bright colors and adapt well to any figure. The swimwear is available in Bitcoin or Ethereum designs.

If you prefer swimwear, take a look at Bitcoin or Ethereum Crypto Summer swimwear. They have a silky, chafe-free lining and are designed to dry quickly.

Summer swimsuit Ethereum Crypto.
Crypto clothing for summer
A crypto picnic will never go out of style, and the Summer of Crypto collection will keep you busy. Available in either Bitcoin or Ethereum designs, the Crypto Summer Tee is a comfortable, lightweight crew-neck tee with a vibrant, colorful print.

When it gets hotter than ever, stay cool from sunrise to sunset with a Bitcoin or Ethereum Crypto summer jersey.

Bitcoin Crypto Summer T-Shirt.
Summer of crypto accessories
No crypto look is complete without accessories, so complete your summer wardrobe with flip flops, beach towels and crypto summer fanny packs. Whether you’re heading to town, toweling off, or heading out on an adventure, stay stylish with Cointelegraph’s summer accessories.

Summery fanny pack with Bitcoin theme.
Enjoy the summer with Cointelegraph Summer of Crypto. Get some of these exclusive souvenirs for yourself or your friends and show your everlasting love for cryptocurrencies this summer.

Source: CoinTelegraph