Now that the Cointelegraph’s list of 100 prominent people on the blockchain for 2021 has been fully revealed, you will be forgiven for believing that the surprises were over for another year.

Certainly not like that.

We believe those who rank on our list deserve more than just praise on our site … that’s why we have immortalized them as a unique work of art created by the talented team of illustrators here at Cointelegraph.

But before you list, do not worry too much. These NFTs will not be available to the public. Instead, each of the top 100 companies will have its own NFT holdings.

We also decided to award a certificate of honor (and NFT) to Elon Musk feat.

We have been plagued with vague allusions for so long that it is almost no longer history. But after shooting shiba inu on the moon’s surface, he finally fired all the bitcoin guns and told us it was “inevitable”.

Unfortunately, it is too late to include them in the top 100 companies, but it is definitely time for an honorable mention.

Of course, the most considerate of you has realized that we can not easily deliver NFTs to all of our top 100 recipients. Some of them are anonymous … and we’m not sure the US infantry service will appreciate it anyway. But the real question is how do we put an award winner at the top of the list: # 1 – everyone.

This NFT will be auctioned off through Rarible within the next week, and it will be the only NFT of this batch available on the open market … unless one of the original recipients is obviously in trouble and decides to sell. But at least it’s a blockchain … so the origins are undeniable.

Once again, congratulations to all worthy participants in the top 100 and look forward to their future contributions to blockchain and crypto space.