Security levels on the decentralized exchanges are approaching $ 10 billion, with Uniswap staying at the top.

According to a study by Messari, the volume and liquidity of decentralized exchanges increased in 2021, almost certainly approaching $ 10 billion.

Researcher Rahul Ray noted that February DEX volumes rose to a record $ 72 billion. Dappradar reports that more than half of Uniswap’s liquidity is concentrated in the DEX, valued at US $ 5.4 billion.

Ray added that despite their success, the robotic market makers face their own challenges:

“It is constrained by a number of inherent issues such as intermittent loss (IL), capital efficiency, slippage, gas costs, velocity, and exposure to multiple tokens.”
According to Dune Analytics, Uniswap is increasingly dominating the Ethereum-based DEX sector, with about $ 6.5 billion in the stock market trading weekly, or 62.2% of total Ethereum DEX trading volume.

Ethereum Powered DEX Monthly Volume: Dune Analytics
DEX competitor SushiSwap, established at the end of August 2020 as a Uniswap junction and with big plans for 2021, ranks second in terms of weekly trading volume of $ 1.6 billion, or 15.2% of the sector’s total volume.

Curve Finance ranks third in market share with 6.2% and had a turnover of $ 647 million in the past seven days.

DeFi hubs are growing at an unprecedented pace, with sales already surpassing the whole of 2020 this year. According to the 1-inch stock market, it currently occupies a leading position by volume, having made just over $ 1 billion in the past seven days in Dune Analytics.

The total size of the sector in March was already $ 44.3 billion – more than October and November 2020 combined.